QHD 60HZ LED Flat Monitor Aluminum extrusion U-frame 32"

  • QHD Flat Monitor 32inch
  • QHD Flat Monitor 32inch
  • QHD Flat Monitor 32inch
  • QHD Flat Monitor 32inch



Set yourself up to win with this32″ QHD Flat monitor. It boasts a vibrant and razor-sharp QHD resolution, so you can finally appreciate the aesthetics of your favourite games right down to the very last detail. And Adaptive Sync technology with a 60Hz refresh rate swiftly puts an end to tearing, stuttering, and motion blur.

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  • 32″ LED-backlit Quad HD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution delivers highly detailed visuals and a vast spectrum of colour to bring all your games to life
  • Ultra-fast  response time means fast-moving action sequences won’t blur or distort
  • Adaptive-Sync technology with a 144Hz refresh rate eliminates tearing, stuttering, and input lag so on-screen motion appears buttery-smooth
  • ICB Flicker Free Technology and  Low Blue Light keeps your eyes comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions
  • QuickSwitch remote keypad allows you to change gaming modes or adjust monitor settings while you play
  • Customize your viewing preferences with an adjustable stand that lets you modify the monitor height, swivel left and right, tilt the screen angle, and pivot 90 degrees
  • Easily connect your external media devices with HDMI, DisplayPort
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